I started the INSANITY workout program…

** The top image isn’t me. That’s Ana Cheri. Just using her to get your attention**




About 3 nights ago, my boyfriend invited me to workout with him in the basement. We did the full “Fit Test” introductory video. After what seemed like 2 hours of pain, sweat, and many micro-breaks to fucking save our lungs, we successfully finished. We also may have drenched his new hardwood floor in sweat (oops). We didn’t originally plan to start doing the whole program.. it was just a workout routine to do at home. However, both of us basically started the program. We did a workout last night together and I just finished up “Cardio Power and Resistance” about an hour ago.


If you’re not familiar with the INSANITY workout program, let me fill you in. This DVD set came out in 2009 and was advertised as “probably” the hardest fitness DVD on the market and let. me. tell. you. Shaun T does NOT fuck around. I am in so much (good) pain and I’m so sore that it’s distracting during the day but I know it’ll all be worth it when I bust out the baddest beach bod you’ve ever seen when this is all over.

I’m excited about starting this program because I’ve been having issues lately eating enough food – which has resulted in muscle loss, pretty extreme fatigue, and overall discomfort pretty much all the time.. my joints ache after light activity like going up and down stairs, my shoulders crunch when I try to stretch them, and bunch more other shit I don’t want to be dealing with at 23 years old. After just 3 workouts, I feel the endorphins flowing again and I have nothing but high hopes for how I’ll be feeling after the whole program.

The program is made with a nutrition guide but since it came out in 2009, it doesn’t have any vegetarian or vegan options. I feel like fitness instructors nowadays incorporate those diets into their programs better. Idk. Having to go the extra mile to prep my own meals is just what comes with the vegan territory though, so I’m not mad.



Okay, not to be cliche and super annoying, but this workout program is the shit. I’ve not been following the whole schedule because it’s pretty demanding; you have to workout every day. I’ve been working out about every other day or every third day and there are so many great changes that I’d like to spotlight.

Since this program is cardio-centered, my stamina has improved so much. I don’t do much rigorous activity in my daily life that would require such demanding amounts of stamina, but I can tell just because the workouts are getting less and less miserable. This is a plus obviously in case I ever get chased by a rapist or something down a dark alley way. Cardio will be necessary. This shit could happen; you gotta be prepared.

I’ve noticed that I feel a lot lighter on my feet as well. Not that I’ve lost weight during the program, but my leg muscles are getting stronger so I’m not feeling as much stress on my knees or my lower back during daily activity.

Also, I have abs now. My thirteen-year-old self would be so jealous of me right now.

I do have to work much harder to get my calories in for the day (obviously since I’m burning more). It’s a work in progress. Overall, I fucking love this program. 10/10 would recommend.



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