Quinoa: my new obsession

Don’t be fooled by its uncooked form. Quinoa, when cooked correctly, is pretty damn good. It has many health benefits and you can cook it in sooooo many different ways. It is a rice, after all.

I don’t go out to eat very much so I was really surprised and rather proud went I went into Panera Bread on my lunch break this week and found so many meat-less and vegan options. For lunch, i got “vegan quinoa and lentil” bowl and it was satisfying enough. Not a bad start. I remember when I was a vegetarian during my childhood, I hated going out to eat because my only option was a salad wherever we went. Times are changing and I’m very proud.

Health benefits of quinoa and what they mean 4 u:

– Contains more fiber (almost double) than any other grain. Fiber is widely known to relieve constipation and to lower blood pressure. In normal people terms, this means you are less likely to get heart disease / have a heart attack. This is an energy dense food (means your body has more fuel and and therefore more energy okay????).

– It is protein rich. Proteins make up most of the human body which is why it is important. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need a fuck ton of protein in your diet to be healthy. Have you ever met someone with a protein deficiency? Oh.. no? (I have a strong distaste for protein powders and gym supplements but we’ll talk about that another time).

– Contains iron. This is muy importante for many bodily functions; including hemoglobin formation.

– Contains Lysine. This is an amino acid that is important for tissue repair and other bodily functions.

– It is rich in magnesium. This helps relax blood vessels so it can help with migraine relief. It also promotes healthy blood sugar control – this is important for diabetes.


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