Boston Eats

Well, this is my first time in Boston and I think I’m in love.

IMG_1507The only major city I’ve been to more than once is New York City so that’s the hustle and bustle that I’m used to. The gassy-pee smell that punches you in the face as soon as you emerge from Penn station.. that’s just the expectation I have in my mind for all cities. Not only was Boston a literal breathe of fresh air, I was delightfully surprised at all the historic buildings that were perfectly preserved and alive.



This city definitely has a charm. I could see myself here. Usually when I travel, I do some research beforehand to see what kind of plant-based foods are around. For some reason, this time I didn’t do any research beforehand but so far every restaurant we’ve visited has had an impressive selection of veggies. My friends and I first went to Grafton Restaurant (right on Harvard campus) on our first night there and I had their quinoa and chickpea burger (with curried cashew pesto, pickled carrot-cilantro salad, harissa aioli sauce, on a potato roll) with baby spinach/arugula and broccolini on the side. I’m not enough of a poet to describe this entree with the praise it deserves.. but I ate the whole thing without taking a picture. It was that good.





There was a little market down the street from my friend’s apartment that made juices right in front of me with their own produce in East E.


We were about a 5 minute walk from the water front where we passed a community garden that made me so happy. I don’t think I’d ever seen one anywhere else before. It’s turning into autumn up in Boston so the garden wasn’t very alive but the idea of it was awesome. There should be more of these everywhere. IMG_1475


For dinner on Saturday, we went to Stephanie’s on Newbury. We had a perfect view of sunset while drinking our pineapple vodkas and bourbon. I had a Roasted Acorn Squash salad which was delicious; I expected that from a $16 salad. Needless to say, it was well worth the money. I need to learn how to make this at home.








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